Joint pain

RLT has been shown to provide many positive changes in conditions which may have caused joint pain including – Osteoarthritic Knee Pain, improving poor range of motion in joints, cartilage regeneration, treating meniscus tears, general knee pain, hand and wrist pain and spinal pain. There is also great evidence about the benefits of RLT for sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most promising study showed a 70% reduction in pain.

Recovery from sports

Regular red light therapy treatments have been shown to result in a reduction in delayed onset of muscle soreness, less fatigue, less potential for injury and general all over increased recovery. Don’t just take our word for it.

Anti inflammatory

Red light therapy drives the cells of our bodies to boost  production of endogenous anti inflammatories and anti oxidants which get released into our blood to circulate through our entire bodies.

Grow muscle & perform

There is a vast body of research showing very significant gains in muscle size, strength, grip strength, leg strength, time to exhaustion, speed, endurance and max reps! You can read the research right here just click on the studies below.

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